Jon Paul continues to offer his beautifully done Rejuvenating Yoga Classes early Saturday morning 8am-9:30am and his quieter Restorative 6pm-7:30pm Sunday evening class $10 pay him directly.  Discounted $6 day spa access.

URSULA JONES is NOW available for Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings 4pm to 10pm with appointments in advance only.  She is well experienced and a natural bodywork therapist.
TAJ McCOY, Synergy Massage, is available Wednesdays and Thursdays 6pm-8pm or any other time with appointment.  His style has incorporated Reiki and energy work.
BRYCE TYSON, Synergy Massage, is available  & present at the spa every weekend, Friday through Sunday at the Bug Spa 2pm to 8pm.  Walk-in then, or for best results call in advance.  His style is closer to Swedish with emphasis on the needs of you feet and neck!


Spring Yosemite - Patrick Pike 2015 (48)


H2O2 and UV Hot Tub, Cold Rain Shower and Infused Hot Rocks Sauna access $12 for a day pass.
For the Hot Rocks Sauna try out three 20 minute sauna stints with a cold shower and walk on the garden deck for 5-10 minutes between each session to cool.  Move from the lower benches to the higher benches and from no water steam on the hot rocks on the first session to  eucalyptus infused water on the hot rocks and deep breathing on the last session.  The last sauna session should result in long deep breathing and sweat from every pore before that last cold rain shower just outside the door to wash away the toxins.

The H2O2 & UV Hot Tub works without chlorine to clean the surfaces and the water respectively.  The Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down upon contact with your skin and the free oxygen gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin like a third lung and should be invigorating.  If you hop between the sauna and hot tub, use the rain shower between to rinse body oils off and to cool off to avoid overheating and dehydration.


Essential Oil and Salt Therapeutic Private Soaks –
Our spa has a private soaking room with two NEW stainless tubs for three specialty ayurvedic style essential oils for deep inhalation, salts for wellness and organic herbal mixtures for skin. Best to only rinse off afterwards with no soap. If you use the inclusive day pass first do a short sauna first for open your pores and lungs beforehand! Call us up for an appointment before arrival or ask that morning for time slots!Ask about our Skin Renewal, Muscle Soak & Energizing Specialty Baths and Herbal Body Rub & Massage.  Watch the rain and cold winter scenery from the penetrating warmth of the hot tub.

Muscle Rejuvenation Soak with salts for Fatigued or Injured Muscles including Eucalyptus & Orange to Absorb & Inhale                                      1 pers $35 / 2 pers $50
Skin Renewal Soak to Cleanse & Moisturize the Skin with Exfoliation Steeped Herbal Bag with Lemon & Clary Sage Oils to Absorb & Inhale               1 pers $35 / 2 pers $50
Energizing Wellness Soak with blended salts for Wellness & Related Fatigue with Lavender and Chamomile Oils to Absorb & Inhale                     1 pers $35 / 2 pers $50

Organic Herbal Rub
We now offer the  Organic Herbal Rub – Local Herbalist Crafted Non-Allergenic Rub Including Sauna to open pores, Swedish Style Herbal Rub With Disposable Suit to all ow these organic nutrients to absorb deeply into your skin, and lastly, and Herbal Skin Renewal Soak With Linen Herb Bag & Rinse Wand (do not shower with soap afterwards). Ingredients include Aloe Juice, Chamomile, Burdock Root, Kelp, Blueberries, Neem Honey, Rosehips, Oats, etc.  1.5 Hour $85  A Bentonite Clay and Sea Kelp mask is an additional $10.



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